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No one eats alone
No one eats alone
March 6, 2024

Job Review : Fine Arts Theater


Today, one of our reporters sat down with Jaden, a worker at the Fine Arts Theater in Downtown Maynard, to discuss his job.

Liam : What is your hourly pay? Do you have any tips?

Jaden : 15$ an hour, there are tips but it’s not much

L : What are your job duties?

J : So when I get there I turn on the lights and turn on the projectors to show the pre-show announcements, like no smoking, turn your phones off, etc… Then until the movie starts I serve popcorn, drinks, sell tickets, at the front. When the movie starts, I go up (to the projector room) to show the trailers and then the movie. And then I just go back to serving, then setting up the next movie. Then after that I just need to clean up the theaters.

L : How difficult is your job?

J : Not at all, it’s one of the easiest things I’ve done. Unless there’s a big rush, which can be exhausting, just having to talk to people over and over.

L : Are there any benefits or other perks to your job?

J : We get a free drink and as much popcorn as we want. Free movie tickets, only for ourselves though, Also if you go down to the Theater Creamery you get one free ice cream a shift. Everything we serve there, for us (the employees) is generally free.

L :What is something you don’t like about your job?

J : Cleaning the popcorn machine is probably the worst, it’s not that bad but I’ve done it so many times so it’s just extremely boring. One time the agitator which is like a spinning piece of metal that turns the kernels and makes sure the popcorn is all evenly heated got stuck and a bunch of popcorn was burned and it was super greasy, so we had to clean it and I burnt my finger really badly. But normally its just scrubbing it, making sure everything is clean.

L : If you were talking to a student thinking of applying to work with you is there anything you would tell them?

J : It’s really easy, just be nice, show up on time. The best employees are the ones that do their jobs, they’re the funnest to work with.

L : Finally, rate your job overall out of five stars

J : 4 ½ stars. The ½ star off just because it is only minimum wage, and we don’t get many hours. Its not like McDonalds where your in eight hours a day everyday. Like I get more shifts just cause I’m good but most people get one or two shifts a week. Oh and the popcorn machine.

L : Well Jaden, thank you so much for sitting down with me today.

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