Following Her Dream Job

Recently, I spoke with D.C. morning news anchor Ms. Taniya Wright about her position at D.C. News Now. We spoke about what interested her in news, what her job entails, what her favorite parts of the job are, and her path to get where she is now. 

When I asked her about what got her interested in becoming a news anchor she talked about how she has always wanted to be on TV. From a young age, she and her siblings used to create pretend news shows and have her parents record them. She just had a passion for it from an early age and pursued her goals.’

Her path to where she is now contained many stops along the way. Following her graduation from the University of Tampa where she majored in Mass Communications, she began her broadcasting career in a small Maryland city called Hagerstown. She then made stops along the way in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Raleigh, North Carolina, Houston, Texas, and finally where she is now, Washington D.C. 

The way that the news in the United States is set up is that there are 210 different markets ranging from small markets such as Glendive, Montanna and North Platte, Nebraska to huge markets such as LA and New York. Taniya worked her way up and now works in the 8th largest market in the country. 

When I talked to her about her favorite part of being on the news she had a lot to talk about. She said that she really enjoys getting to participate in things around the city such as the Washington Nationals opening day. She also talked about how she enjoyed managing her own social media accounts and thought that was a cool part of her job that has really expanded from when she first started working in the industry. 

I ended the interview with a conversation about the broadcast journalism industry in general and she explained the hard work and dedication it takes to be able to make it in this industry. Despite how difficult it is, she loves what she does and thinks all the hard work was worth it.